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We have been doing our own preparation, quality base painting and applying decorative finishes since 1985!

Recent 1931 Plymouth Project

I was commissioned to apply a faux burl on the metal dashboard and the window frames of a 1931 Plymouth Rumble Seat Coupe recently. Here are the photos in sequence:

2014 01 29_0521 2014 01 29_0522 2014 01 29_0520 2014 01 29_0476

2014 01 29_0477


I finished with spar varnish to help protect the work from the UV rays. Part of my payment was a ride, or better yet, to drive this old beauty. It runs pretty darn good for being so old! 


2014 01 29_0456 2014 01 29_0465 2014 01 29_0466 2014 01 29_0475

Returning Corner Graphic

We used the same base color on the ceiling as the walls which makes a harmony in this kitchen finish. Shown here is transferring the graphic using a pounce drawing method of charcoal on the tiny holes of the drawing. This transfers the design and is then taped out for the glazing operation.

Blog Image 1 Blog Image 2

These photos show the pattern taped out and we used the base paint color to paint the edges so that if anything leaks under the tape, it will be the same color. No cleaning up lines this way. Then when dry, we stipple the glaze color inside the lines. This is the same glaze used for one of the glaze coats used on the walls.

Blog image 4 Blog Image 3 Blog Image 5 Blog Image 6

The final product – Once the tape was removed there was hardly any clean up to do which is nice because taping out the lines is quite tedious work. But the end result is very rewarding.

Blog image 7 Blog image 8

Current Project

Current project – Wood table painted  to a faux Breche Violet marble top and Wax resist rubbed antiqued base and legs :


This wood table  has been routed on the edges for a more authentic marble look; Cleaned, full primed in bin ; Troweled in Kalcaustico ( a Venetian Plaster material ) and wet sanded for a supremely smooth surface which also has the cold touch of marble rather than the warmth of wood. The wood base has been prepared for painting in an antiqued rubbed finish which you’ll see towards the end of this series of photos.That finish will be an esspresso coloring with warm red under tones.


Here the top has been wet sanded then base coated in white shellac and  wet sanded again. It is Really smooth! The structure of the Breche Violet marble is laid in. Also the first esspresso top coat is applied but not rubbed yet.

Another view of the structue of the marble
Layers are the key to representing this beautiful marble. This shows another layer
Shows me strengthening the breche ( French for “broken”) segments

Long shot of finished marble top before the varnishing is applied which is going to be five layers of water based poly from Benjamin Moore floor finish, wet sanded between coats. No sense losing that super smooth finish Now!

Another long shot from other end

Finish applied and delivered to home. The smaller chairs are finished in same coloring as the base of table and the arm chairs are finished in a crackled heavily distressed finish.


another shot of finished table top

Showing the pewter accent on the drawers.